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    7 години

    DNS- Tvind in cooperation with One World University Become an Activist - Volunteer + gain a University degree We offer two programs: Bachelor degree in “Pedagogy” from One World University 1st year: International Practice Field - 2 months preparation for a 4 months bus travel through Northern Africa followed with 3 months studies and evaluation – all combined with theoretical studies. 2nd year: The European practice Field (9 months training in experiencing and understanding the European reality) 3rd year: The school Practice Field (12 months training in experiencing and understanding the reality of children and teachers in school, with connected theoretical studies) B certificate in “Pedagogy” and “Fighting with The Poor” 1st period is 12 months long in Denmark. (Working with second-hand clothes collection or as assistant teacher in Day school + Studies and Exams.) 2nd period is 8 months long in Africa or India: 3rd period is 4 months long in Denmark. (Teaching for funds + making The Journal. Final Exams) Think global - Act local More information: DNS- Tvind [email protected] Phone: +45 21 124 360 www.dns-tvind.dk